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Educational Materials on Talking Leaves Forum for the Indigenous Perspectives Podcast

Study Guides for Selected "Indigenous Perspectives" podcasts/radio shows

  • Vocabulary, maps, artwork, poetry, photos, project ideas, readings, multiple choice questions, etc.

  • Designed for a wide range of users, from middle-school through adult 

  • Materials can be used by individuals, teachers, homeschoolers, and community groups

  • Creative Commons license - free for anyone to download and use, as long as they attribute the source

1. Thanksgiving from an Indigenous Perspective

​Educational materials:

2. Abenaki Chief Don Stevens: Tribal Recognition and Resilience in Vermont

Educational materials:

3. Canadian Mohawk Tom Dearhouse

Educational materials:

5. Potawatomi Women Leaders

Educational materials:

14. Honoring Indian Law and Treaties, Part One

Educational materials:

17. Navajo Pianist and Composer Connor Chee

March 2022 Podcast & Transcript

Educational materials:

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