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About Talking Leaves

Our Beginning and an Invitation

Talking Leaves is an open source platform for indigenous authors, scholars and advocates to publish articles, commentaries and creative works without the barriers and delays of editorial board filters. Many of the issues that indigenous communities are struggling with benefit from thoughtful reflection in real time, while events are unfolding, not on the calendar of book and journal publishers. That said, timely reflections need not be of ephemeral relevance. An informed and inspiring contemporary perspective takes on new significance when it contributes to understanding larger and enduring issues.


We are interested in presenting perspectives that are oriented to an educated and thoughtful audience. We are not a platform for reposting highly academic articles heavy with theoretical overlay. Our goal is to assist Indigenous communities and the general public in gaining access to a variety of perspectives that are more reflective and analytical than the latest breaking news. 


We are launching Talking Leaves with examples taken from our own recent work. But our objective is to move beyond being an “inhouse” publishing organ. We invite those who offer fresh, challenging and informed perspectives to submit materials that they are willing to share under a Creative Commons license.

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Randy Kritkausky and Carolyn Schmidt

Randy Kritkausky and Carolyn Schmidt

Randy Kritkausky is an enrolled tribal member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.   He and Carolyn Schmidt are the co-founders of ECOLOGIA and hosts of the monthly  Indigenous Perspectives podcast.

Randy Kritkausky is the author of Without Reservation: Awakening to Native American Spirituality and the Ways of Our Ancestors. Learn more at

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